A Fox News moment…

… via the FT. ‘Sean Hannity (anchor) is still upset. Interviewing former Democratic VP nominee Geraldine Ferraro… Ferraro says he has forgotten about the 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the US-led coalition invaded Iraq… Sean: Aren’t they better off without Saddam Hussein?… Geraldine: No, they’re not better off. They’re dead!’ Fox News: why Continue reading

US imperialism to crash with the dollar?

Many respond to nation states’ failure to cooperate satisfactorily by favouring benign US imperialism over UN ineffectiveness, in a move often cited as neo-conservatism at its most revolutionary. Reluctantly drawn into WWI, the US popularised nation statehood as an alternative to imperialism, which it found as distasteful as communism. The world had always Continue reading

The Corporation: Films in 50 words-ish

Taking the corporation’s legal status as an individual makes for an effective device to analyse big business; the pseudo-psychological profile. Yet ironically, it dehumanises – ‘CEOs have morals, but they’re subverted’ – by forgetting that corporations are by-products of human activity and behave within manmade parameters that can be changed. A competent 8 Continue reading

Coffee and Cigarettes: Films in 50 words-ish

This series of sketches quickly turns into a celebration not just of the coffee and cigarette break, but of conversation, its weirdness and power play. Good use of a celebrity (but actorly) cast plays with the audience; using real names, yet creating characters and repeating part of an earlier sketch with a different Continue reading