Sarah Beeny’s Property Ladder… I wouldn’t listen to her either

We found ourselves watching what was in many ways a classic Property Ladder last night. Classic because it was one where the amateur property developers take none of Sarah Beeny’s advice on board. Okay, Property Ladder’s getting a bit long in the tooth and over formulaic. Inexperienced amateur property developers take on more Continue reading

Burger King ‘fat b******’ baguettes… very silly

While I don’t eat meat, I don’t regard multinational burger bars as a particularly evil sector of the food industry (foie gras?) and suspect they get a disproportionably bad press because theirs is contemporary peasant food. I do enjoy the increasingly rare Burger King spicy bean burger (although the BK Veggie Burger is Continue reading

Critter’s suspected brain tumour hits home

Friday’s initial optimism on Critter’s suspected meningioma was well and truly shattered over the weekend. At around 10am yesterday, following three hours of fruitless searching, I donned makeshift waterproofs and set off to wade through Chorlton Brook (accessed through a gap in the BP garage fence) hoping not to find his corpse washed Continue reading

Tory opportunism destroys economic credibility… & costs The Sun’s support

At least The Sun can be relied upon to inject some humour into what’s turning out to be a most frustrating election campaign by punishing the Conservatives, who its otherwise backed issue-by-issue. A day after the new pope’s election (already on his last legs, apparently), black smoke rose from a special chimney, then Continue reading