Speech recognition: more space exploration failures guaranteed

Thought of space exploration’s increasingly depressing given the industry’s continual failings. Only today comes criticism of Nasa on safety. We’ve only just heard that Beagle 2 was always doomed and Cosmos 1 will never sail on solar winds. So it’s with some surprise that I hear that the next generation of International Space Continue reading

Co-op Bank to Christian Voice: ‘Come & have a go if you think you’re hard enough!’

Good to see the Co-op Bank standing firm on homophobia with little chance that Christian Voice’s boycott will have much effect. The bank likes to brag about how much business it turns down and the pink pound is likely to be far more valuable than the radical Christian pound, anyway. It’s also interesting Continue reading

Gangster Number 1: Films in 50 words-ish

Ultra-stylish, ultra-violent, ultra-clichéd… the perfect Sunday night chill out movie. A portrait of psycho among psychos who gets the top position he craves, only for the world to move on and stop caring for his kind. A large 8.5 out of 10. Director: Paul McGuigan……Staring: Malcolm McDowell…David Thewlis…Paul Bettany Palindromes……War of the Worlds