2006 calendars, diaries & annuals… always good stocking fillers: reader offer

With 2006 less than nine weeks away and Christmas less than eight, it’s time to think of the odd stocking filler and what better than that old favourite, the pin-up calendar, annual or, failing that, a more practical diary for someone who has yet to go electronic.

The thing with pin-up calendars is that they don’t really reflect the year they’re for at all. I mean a 2006 calendar is really a reflection of what’s cool and hip at the end of 2005. So what is cool and hip right now? Number one in the hit parade is the Official Hollyoaks Babes Pin Up Calendar; Kelly Brook’s sitting pretty at number two and the ITV Soap Babes are at number three. In fact there’s very little for the ladies (I’m discounting the Official ITV Soap Hunks Pin Up Calendar at number four as it does look so very, very gay). So can it be that girls aren’t into this sort of thing…? Boyfriend of the Month’s failed to chart.

Yet while the calendars are fairly contemporary in their tastes (Butlers in the Buff anyone?) annuals are decidedly old fashioned. The Beano Annual is still number one and Blue Peter Annuals continue to sell well. What does it all mean?

One thought on “2006 calendars, diaries & annuals… always good stocking fillers: reader offer

  1. Christmas isn’t Christmas without annuals. Me and my cousin were given two annuals every year up until we were about 25. ‘Oor Wullie’ every year until we were 18 and Viz every year from 16 onwards. When ‘Oor Wullie’ was no longer given I think we were both a bit upset but too proud to beg. I bought it for myself last year. ‘Braw.

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