Brokeback Mountain: Films in 50 words-ish

Brokeback Mountain is a film that’s hard to fault. Direction and acting are spot on, while the cinematography fully exploits the breathtaking landscape. It’s a well scripted, gentle movie that needs to be relaxed into. Yet while the story’s well told, it remains a conventional portrayal of forbidden love. A solid 8 out Continue reading

Celebrity Big Brother continues… keep Galloway where he can do no harm!

Related reader offer: Bet on Big Brother When I first saw this Star front page, I naively thought it was Camille Aznar, girlfriend to Ordinary Boys’ Preston, but it’s non-celebrity Chantelle who obviously prepared for her imminent fame in the Big Brother house, by posing for many saucy tabloid pics. I was ready Continue reading

AMC, Great Northern Railway Company’s Goods Warehouse

Built by the Victorians over a slum, the Great Northern Railway Company’s Goods Warehouse is often held up as one of Manchester’s most interesting buildings, even though the Victorians themselves screened it off with a terrace facade. The key feature was that this enormous warehouse took goods by canal and road as well Continue reading