The Night Listener: Films reviewed in 50 words-ish

Despite its apparent real life premise (author corresponds with writer of groundbreaking autobiography who may not exist), this film quickly descends into conventional psycho-horror mode (Williams is creepy anyway). Wants to be a slasher movie, but can’t quite cut… it. A disappointing 4 out of 10 Director: Patrick Stettner……Starring: Robin Williams…… Toni Collette…… Continue reading

Labour Conference 2006… not all soap

Alongside Norm’s call for civility, it was remarked at Urbis’ pre-Labour Conference political blogging event that nobody seems to blog about Blair-Brown rivalry, although it seems to be the only topic proper political correspondents can find to talk about. Let’s face it, a Brown government wouldn’t be that different from one headed up Continue reading

Buy an egg boiler for perfect boiled eggs… don’t be a Charlie! READER OFFER

Hearing that Prince Charles has staff boil seven eggs slightly differently in his search for the perfect yoke left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand there’s the obvious waste of it all. Added to that is the annoyance that Charlie’s system seems all wrong. He has seven eggs boiled and numbered Continue reading

Norm calls for civility in the blogosphere

Norman Geras, long a leading political blogger, has used an eve of Labour Conference seminar – Political Bloggers and the New Media Landscape – to call for greater civility in the political blogosphere1. While Norm’s call was a popular sentiment, easily endorsed by fellow panellists Bill Jones of Skipper, and the Press Gazette’s Continue reading