Manchester wins super casino… spare a thought for Blackpool

Only the most London-centric (and I’m a Londoner) will be most surprised at Manchester’s winning the super casino. Manchester has a proven track record of making convincing bids for major event and leisure driven regeneration projects that are delivered on time, within budget and leave lasting legacies. The industrial revolution started here in Continue reading

Nick Broomfield’s Ghosts: an appeal for Morecambe Bay’s Cocklers

I’m not easily moved to tears, but Nick Broomfield’s Ghosts did that trick. They were tears of shame. It’s a film that shows that imperialism is alive and well and that the relatively luxurious lifestyles we enjoy come at a high price to be paid by those born into foreign poverty. These illegal Continue reading

Nick Broomfield’s Ghosts: films reviewed in 50 words-ish

With Ghosts, Broomfield moves seamlessly from our leading documentary filmmaker to groundbreaking docu-dramatist. This is an uncomfortable film of British society’s underbelly. Those we know are to die cockling in Morecombe Bay must first suffer the worst jobs and living conditions our cruellest and greediest gangsters can find them. A must see 10 Continue reading