Middle class drinking scare debunked

Alcohol related scare stories are unhealthily popular at the moment and today we learn that a new study ‘suggest[s] that alcohol consumption is increasingly a problem among the middle classes’. Except, as John Band points out, it doesn’t. We learn that in 2006: ‘Men and women in “managerial and professional” households drank an Continue reading

Charlie Wilson’s War: films reviewed in 50 words-ish

A Hollywood a-team is assembled to create a suspiciously sympathetic, but highly entertaining (and still informing), biopic of the architect of the America’s proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan; where the folly of the ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ strategy to defeat communism has never been greater exposed. A CIA pleasing Continue reading

Germans bring back transportation-ish

Inspired by this German experiment, Skipper asks if we should bring back transportation. Australia’s turned out well, supporting the notion that criminal tendencies are socially rather than genetically engineered. But back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century we were far more radical; this German youth will spend just nine months away from home. Continue reading