Chorlton’s Lib Dems call time on Escape… but it’s Merseybank shops that should go

At first sight Escape is just another bar in a suburb that has seen many new bars and restaurants open (and some close) over the last decade. But I reckon the proprietors of Escape are heroes for bravely investing in what was a rundown shopping parade opposite Chorlton Bus Station. When a couple Continue reading

Fox Hunting Ban… three years of failure

Almost every day the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association emails with news of often extreme examples of animal cruelty, surprisingly frequently connected to fox hunting… despite the apparent ban on this blood sport three years ago this week. Much of this goes relatively unreported, but news highlights have been assembled here. Not a Continue reading

Contact: George Rodger’s War Photographs, Imperial War Museum North

Marking the centenary of the photographer’s death, Contact: George Rodger’s War Photographs makes for an impressive collection; a bombed Coventry street, a crowd gawping at a dead Japanese soldier, a Sudanese wrestler. Generally, the images on display are notable for their harsh realism. Working for Life, an American publication before the US had Continue reading