David Miliband and the tragedy of Graham Stringer

That may be Eddie Izzard at the Yang Sing lectern, but the star turn at last night’s fundraising dinner for Manchester Withington was David Miliband, the foreign secretary, whose speech reflected the themes of his infamous Guardian article (download the podcast). It’s great that Miliband refuses to be cowed by the fallout from Continue reading

The Tattooist: films reviewed in 50 words-ish

The Tattooist mythologizes Samoan tattoos, introducing some spiritual mumbo jumbo, and pitches itself a decent horror flick. Yet no matter how hard the soundtrack tries, the New Zealand cityscape can’t be made to look cosmopolitan, and for much of the film we’re told we should be scared without a reason. A tragic decent Continue reading

Rev’d George Hargreaves’ faux Christianity

With this year’s summer television apparently competing with the weather for dreariness, Katharine and I found ourselves almost glued to Make Me a Christian, which took the Tories broken society concept (embarrassingly, but rightly, dismissed by Boris Johnson as ‘piffle’) and argued that everything would be so nice if we adopted a Christian Continue reading