Kaffibarinn, Reykjavík, Iceland

YouTube-podcast Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that when the world’s media go looking for bankrupt but hard partying Icelanders they turn to Kaffibarinn, most likely because it has some Damon Albarn connection and judging by the odd piece of Gorillaz style art on some Reykjavík walls, it’s clear that Albarn has inspired a few kids to Continue reading

Socialism? Jeb Hensarling, you must be joking…

‘The GOP [Republican Party] Leads A “Socialist” Bailout’ – Wall Street Journal So ‘we’re socialists’ say the naive commentators now that the banks are partly nationalised, in what must be the silliest myth of the current crisis. Yet so many are convinced. Conservative Republican Jeb Hensarling even fought the US bailout because, it Continue reading

Á næstu grösum (First Vegetarian Restaurant), Reykjavík

Iceland is noted for its cuisine for all the wrong reasons. Traditional dishes are poverty foods like putrefied shark meat, which is supposed to be eaten with a kind of Icelandic schnapps designed to numb the senses. Other dishes include sheep’s head jelly (brains on toast), sour ram’s testicles and rotted stingray. Don’t Continue reading