Asking Goodwin to give up pension only makes government look impotent

That Sir Fred Goodwin’s £693,000 pension – which would cost £30,000,000 to buy – has become a symbol of all that was wrong banking system is no real surprise. It is a ridiculously large award for failure. But ministers demands that he should give some up only present the government as impotent, as Continue reading

Greens coming round to nuclear

Almost five years after Tony Blair re-opened the nuclear energy debate, splits are emerging in the Green Party as prominent environmentalists change their minds; at least one Oxford Labour councillor is chuckling at their sudden conversion to collective responsibility. Which is fair enough. But those, like Chris Goodall, who challenge the anti-nuclear lobby Continue reading

Transsiberian: films reviewed in 50 words-ish

Despite its terrible predictability and a final scene that lacks any credibility, Transsiberian remains a suspenseful thriller, saved by its cast, its brutality and a nice homage (or two) to The Lady Vanishes. Woody Harrelson makes for a wonderfully naive Christian out of his depth in corrupt Russia, while Ben Kinglsey does the Continue reading