Where is Ebrima B. Manneh?

Today is a national holiday in Gambia: Freedom Day. It marks the military coup that brought President Yahya Jammeh to power. In a rather repetitious editorial Gambia’s Daily Observer tells Gambians this celebration is ‘a moral obligation’ and perhaps understantably chooses to concentrate on President Jammeh’s achievements. Understandably, because in July 2006 one Continue reading

Salford Star hosts make or break meeting on Hazel Blears… and sneers at Carlos Acosta

When I wrote about the Salford Star a couple of years ago, I got some odd comments. The BBC’s move north was about to be confirmed, with the Salford Star the closest thing to opposition. In a nutshell, editor Stephen Kingston reckoned any new jobs would go to outsiders. The city’s regeneration had Continue reading