Nick Griffin’s Question Time appearance could not have gone better for the BNP

Despite mass protests, peaking with thirty protestors entering the BBC Television Centre, the BBC today celebrates a record audience for Question Time with BNP leader Nick Griffin. I haven’t watched Question Time in years and didn’t bother this time, as the show itself was of little consequence. Predictably the panel did all they Continue reading

Manchester Lib Dems silence leadership challenger Ken Dobson

‘It looks like the leadership have deleated (sic) my post. So much for democracy and freedom of speech. However, This is to reafirm (sic) my leadership challenge in 2010. There is too much infighting within the group…’ – Cllr. Ken Dobson (Lib Dem, City Centre) Liberal Democrat councillor for Manchester City Centre, Ken Continue reading

Stephen Gateley: Jan Moir is only doing Paul Dacre’s bidding

Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail has a well deserved reputation for employing toxic commentators and so it’s no surprise that the tabloid’s take on Stephen Gateley’s death should prove so offensive. It’s only surprising that similar rows haven’t erupted sooner. Last week the Mail on Sunday (of which Dacre is editor-in-chief) offered some specific Continue reading

General Sir Richard Dannatt: an old warhorse not cut out for politics

‘I hope this isn’t a political gimmick’ – Chris Grayling, Shadow Home Secretary ‘We feel very queasy about his decision… to serve under Tory colours’ – Daily Mail Coming so soon after his comments on The Wire, Chris Grayling, who did much to spoil yesterday’s announcement that General Sir Richard Dannatt is a Continue reading