Chris Grayling’s The Wire comparison takes on new meaning

When Tory shadow home secretary Chris Grayling claimed that parts of Britain looked like scenes from The Wire, many people rushed to condemn him (especially as he appeared to have not seen very much of the popular TV show). The Manchester Evening News’ David Ottewell reports he enters the Tory conference unrepentant. For Continue reading

Atlantic Bridge: charity hosted William Hague book launch

It seems the closest the Atlantic Bridge has ever come to educating the public is hosting the launch of a book by William Hague in New York. Officially an education and research scheme, or ‘think tank,’ hosting events like this is essential if the Atlantic Bridge is to retain its charitable status both Continue reading

Cameron has dinner with donors… er… so what?

The Sunday Times scoop of this pre-Tory Conference weekend is that David Cameron has dinner with party donors. He’s going to eat his way to £5m, with shadow chancellor George Osborne and shadow foreign secretary William Hague looking to raise similar amounts between them. But so what? Charity-style dinners are likely to remain Continue reading

The Atlantic Bridge: Think Tank or sham? Top Tories face Charity Commission investigation

Following a complaint from this blogger, the Charity Commission has launched an inquiry into the status of the Atlantic Bridge, a charity whose main activity appears to be the sponsorship of predominantly private events at which senior Conservatives – including shadow cabinet ministers – and their US allies may bond behind closed doors. Continue reading