Atlantic Bridge: the Tory ‘think tank’ that defies Cameron’s ‘modernisation’

On Tuesday, Margaret Thatcher honoured Dr Henry Kissinger with her eponymous Medal of Freedomsomewhere in Knightsbridge, the exact location having been kept secret for security reasons. In return, Kissinger delivered the second Margaret Thatcher Lecture. Baroness Thatcher, the charity’s patron, endowed the Medal of Freedom, along with a lecture in her name, to the Atlantic Continue reading

Daily Mail has it in for Cameron’s Obama-lite photographer

David Cameron loves to imitate Barack Obama, not his politics, but the whole image thing. It’s all about rhetorical devices like, ‘A policy on Europe that people can believe in’ that don’t stand up to the lightest scrutiny. An important element of the Obama mimicking is having official photographer, Andrew Parsons, follow him Continue reading

Henry Kissinger stands firm with the Atlantic Bridge

The Atlantic Bridge, a charity dedicated to ‘the simple aim of “Strengthening the Special Relationship” exemplified by the Reagan-Thatcher partnership of the 1980s,’ receives a much needed boost tomorrow evening, when Dr Henry Kissinger arrives in London to collect the oxymoronic Margaret Thatcher Medal of Freedom. This is the organisation’s first major event Continue reading