Charity Commission faces judicial review over Atlantic Bridge

At the end of July the Charity Commission published the conclusion of what it called an ‘engagement’ with Tory charity the Atlantic Bridge. The trustees had agreed to relaunch the charity within a year as a non-party political organisation and that their ‘current activities must cease immediately’. The new new Atlantic Bridge will Continue reading

Atlantic Bridge collapse is a major blow to Neo-conservatives

The Charity Commission’s decision that the Atlantic Bridge’s UK charity must ‘cease its current activities immediately’ and break away from US non-profit the Atlantic Bridge Inc, is a major setback to those who would import US-style conservatism to the UK. Officially founded by defence secretary Liam Fox and boasting three more cabinet minsters Continue reading

Atlantic Bridge guilty… but Charity Commission lets them off the hook

‘The Commission has made clear to the trustees their legal and regulatory responsibilities and that the Charity’s current activities must cease immediately.’ – Charity Commission Regulatory Case Report: The Atlantic Bridge Regular readers will be well aware of my one man campaign against the Atlantic Bridge, a charity established by defence secretary Dr Continue reading