2012 The Movie… so obviously going to flop

Posters for 2012 line the streetsFor weeks its been hard to move for posters pushing 2012, a big blockbuster, which opens tonight, that is so obviously going to flop.

I’m sure it cost a fortune, yet it somehow it looks cheap. Worse that than that with just one glance of the poster — which looks like some silly fantasy art — you feel like you’ve seen the film. There were a lot of explosions, the Earth opened up and swallowed people et cetera. Over reliant on special effects and saddled with a forgettable, at times nonsensical plot, 2012 is a film you’ll feel you’ve seen before.

With Disney’s remake of A Christmas Carol having flopped and James Cameron’s Avatar expected to do the same, it seems Hollywood has lost touch with its audience.

3 thoughts on “2012 The Movie… so obviously going to flop

  1. stupids only says that these two films(2012 and avtar will flop.they are basically idiot.

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