Searching for Sugar Man reviewed

Searching for Sugar Man is the remarkable film of Rodriguez, a Detroit based singer-songwriter, tipped for the top by his record label and the critics, but whose 1970 and ’71 albums failed commercially: except, and without his knowledge, in South Africa where his socially concious Dylanesque lyrics, delivered in a style that leans Continue reading

The real ‘chilling effect’ of Prince Charles lobbying government

Prince Charles has vowed to ‘bombard ministers with his political views’, which is no surprise. But the attempt to force publication of the future monarch’s missives has confirmed that Prince Charles’ views are such that, if they were revealed, the resulting furore would leave the monarchy ‘seriously damaged’. This is the chilling effect argument that fear of future disclosure Continue reading

Only Muslims can save the world from the Taleban

The Taleban’s attempted assassination of Malala Yousufzai, a fourteen year old school girl, is rightly winning headlines but it’s worth remembering that Malala Yousafza is only the latest of a great many victims of the Taleban’s campaign to frighten Pakistanis off educating girls. They have destroyed many schools and murdered many teachers and others as part of their campaign to Continue reading