888.com Pacific Poker: READER OFFER

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‘Suddenly there is poker at your fingertips. Your opponents are strangers: no guilt about winning… or shame in losing’
Observer Magazine

Online poker is getting an awful lot of press lately. It appears the growth in the internet is driven by private vices: first pornography and now gambling. Perhaps smoking will be next (I’m not sure how that would work, but everyonedoesit.com is already making a pitch).

In some ways it’s not so surprising. After all, as the Observer points out, the thrill of beating your friends in poker can be offset by the guilt of seeing them made poor and the thought they might hate you for it. Online poker overcomes all that guilt, in much the same way that internet porn saves the embarrassment of revealing your kink to a shop assistant. (Hell, I even blush at the thought of approaching the counter with a mid-shelf men’s magazine.)

Internet prospectors have been flocking to poker, but it hasn’t all been plain sailing with the market coming close to another dotcom bust (or is that a busted flush?), but now 888.com Pacific Poker seems to be leading a poker recovery. Fancy fleecing some strangers: why not give 888.com Pacific Poker a go?

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