After #welovethenhs Tories fret Cameron won’t fight ‘socialised’ economy

David Cameron has responded to the #welovethenhs row with a list of twelve reasons why NHS spending must continue to grow in real terms.

It is a move that has infuriated many in his party.

During their years in opposition, the Conservatives have grown ever closer to the American right importing ideas and language. A favourite Americanism is ‘socialised,’ an alternative to nationalised, that promotes the idea that anything in the public sector is socialist. But not socialist as a socialist would understand it; socialist as in the Soviet Union. (Which was actually a state capitalist economy.) In this bizarre, often paranoid, world the NHS is vast trojan horse.

Increasingly mainstream Conservative thinkers now obsess about the size of the public sector, convinced Labour is out to nationalise, sorry socialise, everything.

These Conservatives have become increasingly convinced that come 2010 they will take power and bring back Thachterism with a vengeance. But Cameron, who has always been keen to keep his philosophy and policy ideas under wraps, instinctively compromises when attacked. And every time he compromises this powerful right wing has a little panic. True believers, they are prepared to stand up and be counted even if that means jeopardising a Conservative Party victory.

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