Help the aged Kate Garraway

‘For years TV presenter Kate Garraway has let people believe she’s a year younger than she really is. Here she comes clean – and wonders why we’re all so worried about ageing.’
Kate Garraway in the Observer

Kate Garraway is, shock horror, 41 and one of those women who look like, and have adopted the mannerisms of, someone much older. Her being 41 is so very shocking because for the last few years, she’s allowed us to believe she’s a year younger. The ruse means she missed out on a fortieth birthday bash, poor dear, and will have to wait another nine years for another party opportunity… and she’s lecturing the rest of us not to develop a hang up about ageing!

Poor old Kate is now ‘coming to terms with the fact that I’m not going to become trilingual, earn a Michelin star or have a number one hit’ and is working with Help the Aged to help the rest of us come to a similar realisation. But hold up! She could easily go on for another fifty years, plenty of time to learn a couple of languages, develop her culinary skills and join a band.

Tempting though it must be for a charity like Help the Aged to grab the opportunity to get a celebrity on board, indulging this silly woman’s rather unempowering message that we’re all washed up by forty can’t possibly fit in with their mission. They should have waited for her to grow up a bit first.

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