I was an airport boss…

Jesus-storm airport boss ‘may be the victim of bias’…and I didn’t even know it.

The god bothering airport boss at the centre of what the Manchester Evening News has been hyping as a major ‘Jesus-storm’ (downgraded to ‘Jesus-row’ in the online edition), turns out to be a car park supervisor.

Hey! As a student I used to work the car parks at Cardiff Airport and occasionally supervised others. Most testing was 4am on Thursday morning when the jumbo arrived. I had to make sure the other student was awake and ready to open the second exit in time for the rush.

But little did I know that this supervisory responsibility meant that I was an Airport Boss. I shall update my CV accordingly.

One thought on “I was an airport boss…

  1. Did you have one of those holy kitsch sacred heart portraits of JC above your desk as you did your working bossing that airport? If not what you already have on the CV will probably cover it.

    Not sure anyone would dare in Cardiff, showing what a go ahead city we live in here in manchester.

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