Alexandra Burke: X-Factor produces another diva

I only watched the results programme for X-Factor this year. It came after the excellent Girls Aloud Party, so I was in the mood for some quality pop. I was left very disappointed.

Beyonce’s performance with eventual winner Alexandra Burke left me cringing as the two divas desperately tried to blast each other off the stage; Beyonce obviously couldn’t allow herself to be upstaged by a mere talent show contestant, while that talent show contestant was desperate to prove herself. It sounded like someone had slammed a couple of cats’ tails in a car door and driven off.

Having said that, people who like this sort of thing will find that Alexandra Burke is the sort of thing they like. But I don’t think there’s room for another diva. It’s not so, much that Alexandra can’t deliver, but that there is clearly a great shortage of writers of over the top ballads. So far they’ve found just six songs fit to be singles for previous winner Leona Lewis.

Anyway. Christmas will be so much better if people go out and buy Peter Kay’s Once Upon a Christmas Song by Geraldine McQueen or even the Wombat’s Is This Christmas.

One thought on “Alexandra Burke: X-Factor produces another diva

  1. Steven
    I write rantingly about the show today as I morph into Victor Meldrew. I agree Alexandra was competing with Beyonce as were the other contestants with their duet partners in the earlier part of this execrable show. I watched it but don’t know why.

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