Amazon and Marks & Spencer… a King Canute in all of us

Marks & Spencer stuff can be bought online, but not a lot of people know that, so they’re getting Amazon to do things for them, which shows what happens when you don’t move with the times. And in the same week Mintel reveals that mail order firms have been defeated by the internet. That’s kind of bizarre, because if anyone was set up to take advantage of the web, it was mail order houses who already had the infrastructure to deliver the goods.

It’s my suspicion that people really are inherently conservative, like right-wing politicians say; that there’s a would-be courtier to King Canute in all of us. But that rather than accept that, we should see it as a problem to be overcome, because change is inevitable. When people have a business model that works and has been working for years, they’re understandably reluctant to tamper with it, but the world keeps turning anyhow and one day it no longer fits. Had the mail order houses and the big brands pushed the internet in the early days, they’d own it lock, stock and barrel by now (not that that would have been a good thing).
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