Amazon Jersey: tax free shopping: READER OFFER has established a subsidiary in Jersey – just in time for Christmas – to avoid UK tax (e.g. VAT) on DVDs and suchlike. The new arm doesn’t appear to have its own website, but is advertised under the ‘Ready to buy?’ box on Amazon Jersey operates through the Marketplace programme, normally used by third party sellers (like individuals with second hand goods) to trade through Amazon. So the ordering process is almost identical to buying from proper, except that it might take a couple more days to arrive and there’s no free delivery for orders over £19. As long as any single order is less than £18, it shouldn’t attract any UK tax or duty, but best read Amazon’s own guide here.

To buy from Amazon Jersey: follow this link to and find what you want in the usual way. If it’s available tax-free, an Amazon Jersey price will appear under the Ready to buy? box on the left hand side. (There’s no VAT on books in the UK anyway, so they’re not included.)
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