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It’s the time of year when loved ones (especially mum) hassle you to let them know what you want for Christmas. And to think it doesn’t seem that long ago that my twelve year old self was hassling for a ZX81. No, that’s not true. Actually it feels a lifetime (or two) ago. Back then I used to fold over the corners of magazines with ads for the revolutionary little black box. Now I’m all grown-up I don’t have to wait for Christmas or birthdays, I just go out and buy stuff. And asking for presents seems inappropriate: I want to be surprised!

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Anyway. Last year, under pressure from mum I put together an Amazon Wish List from which she selected Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America (which I must review sometime). You’d think that would have solved the problem, but not having heard of the book (a bestseller Amazon could dispatch in 24 hours) she’d spent some time searching Waterstones and was about to give up when she finally saw it piled high in a promotional dump bin by the till…

Never mind. I’ve just put another Amazon Wish List together for Christmas 2005 and it was bloody hard work. I very much doubt that any of my readers will want to buy me a present and I won’t be buying presents for any bloggers I read. But should you be so inclined, here’s my recently updated Amazon Wish List (I’d re-sort the list by priority before making a purchase).

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