AMC, Great Northern Railway Company’s Goods Warehouse

Click to see ‘AMC, Great Northern Railway Company's Goods Warehouse’ in a variety of different sizesBuilt by the Victorians over a slum, the Great Northern Railway Company’s Goods Warehouse is often held up as one of Manchester’s most interesting buildings, even though the Victorians themselves screened it off with a terrace facade. The key feature was that this enormous warehouse took goods by canal and road as well as rail. Yet it was only used for couple of decades before the business dried up and it lay empty for many more.

Anyway. Today it’s a centre for leisure with a few bars, restaurants and a sixteen screen AMC cinema rattling around. And it’s tended to struggle against competition from the Printworks et al. In some ways this was good as you got a screen to yourself, but today AMC was buzzing and that meant sharing the cinema with people in constant need of the bathroom and kids who can’t stop playing with their phones. Perhaps the ushers should stop people on their way in and suggest they use the facilities first.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

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