Amir Khan, Arndale, Manchester

Amir Khan, Arndale, Manchester

Amir Khan skipped the gym today to train in Manchester’s Arndale and drew a large appreciative crowd.

Boxing doesn’t really interest me, but I was once obliged to attend an amateur boxing event at a giant pub in Liverpool. Starting with boys who looked like they’d only just learned how to walk it was an uncomfortable evening, given that their parents saw this sport as the kids’ best hope for the future.
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One thought on “Amir Khan, Arndale, Manchester

  1. I’m a bit queasy about boxing too.
    Imagine if it had been invented in apartheid South Africa.
    Rich whites paying a fortune for ring-side seats as two black men batter each other for entertainment!
    Having said that my opinion changes when I’m watching the Cubans wallop everyone else every four years.

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