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We’ve finally cancelled our TiVo subscription to Andrew Marr’s Sunday AM. Having seen almost every edition since the great sycophant, Sir David Frost, gave up the coveted slot that sets the, traditionally comment led, Sunday news agenda.

Sunday morning is exactly where insightful comment belongs. It’s the relaxed quiet before the storm of another working week; a time for thoughtful reflection.

For the first few weeks you could put all the hic-ups down to nerves. Yet almost every programme is introduced with the comment that this has been, or is about to be, a make or break week for Tony Blair: yawn. The newspaper reviews are ever so lazy. This week’s representatives of the sidelined political right – tedious Jane Moore and Jeff Randall – merely whinged predictably.

Sadly Marr, despite his big ears and quirky little car, is a rather tedious charisma free zone whose jokes will always fall flat and whose guests will always be curmudgeons incapable of anything other than the most obvious comment. Fortunately, their cynicism is ephemeral and easily forgotten by Sunday lunch. We need people on the couch that understand the ideas that really are driving the agenda of today. Let’s forget Andrew Marr’s Sunday AM and watch MTV instead.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Marr’s Sunday AM

  1. what is that quirky little car of his anyway? It’s more interesting than him for sure.

  2. Admiral Sir Alan WEST’s affirmation (on this morning’s Sunday AM programme) that IF NECESSARY Britain could now mount a similar Task Force to that of Spring 1982 to re-capture the Falklands should the Argentinians invade again is total nonsense. Having said that – with Admiral WEST having so recently relinquished the job of First Sea Lord – there is nothing else he COULD have said without admitting that it is ON HIS WATCH that the Royal Navy’s capabilities have been reduced to a level where it would be TOTALLY incapable of mounting a Falklands-style operation.

    Firstly Britain no longer possesses either the Aircraft Carriers nor the carrier-borne INTERCEPTOR aircraft (i.e. the SEA HARRIERS) to counter the Argentinian air force. Admiral Sandy WOODWARD has made it crystal clear in his book ‘One Hundred Days’ that the aircraft capacity of the small INVINCIBLE class carrier alone would have been totally inadequate and had the older but much larger HERMES not been available, we simply could not have produced sufficient interceptors. He also insisted that had he lost EITHER of his two carriers to eneny action or MAJOR unserviceability the British campaign would have been unsustainable. Further more, the SEA HARRIER has now been withdrawn from Naval service and although the MOD has attempted to lay a smokescreen by pointing out that RAF HARRIER Ground Attack aircraft are now operating from the one-only INVINCIBLE class carrier operational at any time, RAF Harriers do not have an interceptor capability – they are only equipped for attacking Ground Forces and they do not possess either Air-to-Air missiles or Radar. Furthermore the ‘second’ Invincible class carrier is now ‘In Reserve’ at such notice that she could not be brought forward and sailed in sufficient time to takepart in a comparatively short campaign (100 days) as the Falklands. The Royal Navy has ‘prematurely retired’ an appreciable number of the Destroyers and Frigates available in 1982 and the RFA has reduced its fleet of essential Support Ships e.g. Tankers, Stores/Ammunition Ships by 25% and the 6 ‘SIR GALAHAD’ type Landing Ships are in the process of being replaced by just four new ‘BAY’ class vessels of which only ONE has actually entered service and only ONE of the original Ships (SIR BEDIVERE) remains. The SSN Fleet which played such a crucial role in combatting the Argentinian surface fleet has also been severely reduced and could not now provide the number of nuclear submarines considered essential in 1982. But Admiral West DID admit that it would now not be possible to obtain sufficient STUFT (Ships Taken Up From Trade) ships to cary the Troops and their equipment.

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