Anne Robinson: PR dream

Good to see Anne Robinson’s continuing to keep PR people busy over Christmas. This time the National Care Homes Association’s proved it’s on the ball after Anne suggested carers are in the habit of stealing from old folks. (Key message: care homes are nice places, with nice people.) Celebs like Anne are great for cheap publicity like this. A few years ago, I was PR for Robinson’s Brewery, when our local soap, Coronation Street, ran a comic story line around bringing cheap beer back from the continent. A stern press release saying excessive UK beer taxes were no laughing matter got a nice spread in the Sun. (Key message: we want a level playing field for British brewers.) Good to see the Women’s Institute has finally woken up to Little Britain, even if they had to be prompted. (Key message: there’s more to the WI than jam.)

Complaining Little Britain… challenging Peter Kay

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