Anti-war song for England’s football fans

Someone at the FA’s obviously having a laugh with the official England anthem for Euro 2004. They’ve chosen The Farm’s All Together Now; Liverpool’s response to Madchester. It was inspired by the unofficial armistice on the Western Front on Christmas Day 1914, which saw British and German troops play a game of football in no-man’s land and was adopted by the anti-war movement for the 1991 gulf war.

Added to that, DJ Spoony’s let himself down (he’s so much better than this) by taking the lazy route of sloppily sticking some football commentary over the quieter bits ‘Beckham…Owen… etc… etc…’ and some operatic twaddle that sounds like some diva but is actually the Saint Francis Xavier Boys Choir (S.F.X. to sound trendy). Total nonsense. It’s far too passive – ‘decided not to fight’ – for a football song.

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