£1m Antiques Roadshow… what a con

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a bit conned by last night’s Antiques Roadshow. Much hyped as the first £1m find in the programme’s history.

Along with 10 million other mugs Katharine and I sat through several teases, the painting used in the publicity shots, a 400 year old chest, some Francis Bacon and more.

And when it turned out to be a model of the Angel of the North, we thought it must be another ruse. After all the model wasn’t discovered by the TV show at all, but has always belonged to Gateshead Council, having been used to persuade councillors to commission the project.

‘Councillor John McElroy, the cabinet member for culture and art, was speechless as Philip Mould, a fine art expert, made the shock announcement,’ reports the Telegraph. Well we missed that; he clearly knew all along!

Immediately after was some Fabergé . Ah! We thought, this is the real £1m find. But no. What nonsense. Next time they visit London, they’ll probably drag those Titians out of the National Gallery.

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