Antony Gormley: Blind Light

Antony Gormley: Event HorizonI remember meeting this guy before… it’s… it’s only Antony Gormley! Now where were we…? I remember now… we were on Crosby Beech of all places.

I’ve always felt a little mistrustful of Antony Gormley, in that all these self-portraits smack of a little egotism. But it’s hard not to be drawn to his work and Blind Light is a triumph.

The toughened low iron glass box, fluorescent light and all important cloud that makes up Blind Light, the installation that gives the exhibition its name, is the star of the show but only a part of it. Hatch, ‘a room rendered porous like a colander,’ is almost as much fun. Matrices and Expansions needs to be viewed for a time before it reveals the trapped bodies within, a bit like staring at a starry night waiting for the constellations to reveal themselves.

But do get there early – as we did – before the place is overrun with school parties and the queues grow too long.

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