Arctic Monkeys… McFly or Kaiser Chiefs?

I’m disappointed to see the Arctic Monkeys knocked off the number 1 spot by a Westlife song I’ve probably heard in the gym, but failed to realise was new. But not everyone shares my admiration of the boys – all but one of whom is just 19 – with Assistant’s Jonathan being uncharacteristically snide in his assessment, while Spinneyhead’s delighted to be down with the kids.

Re-rewind a week to a Top of the Pops that seemed almost surprised to be ending on the Arctic Monkeys polished, but amateurish video. That same edition featured McFly, rather desperately trying to rock out and producing a very poor Who impression. Later in the week McFly were again reaching out for credibility with a session on Jo Whiley’s show (how does Jo Whiley get away with it?). One of them confessed that he only had a small willy; you could actually hear that in their horrific version of Kaiser Chiefs’ I Predict a Riot.

Anyway. I’m not going to pretend the Arctic Monkeys are the saviours of rock & roll. But I do think they’re a more than welcome addition to the scene. I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor, is a good fun rocking little pop song to be proud of.

One thought on “Arctic Monkeys… McFly or Kaiser Chiefs?

  1. AAARRGGHH I’m just so totally jealous, that’s my problem. Bloody 19 year olds just wandering in and finding it this easy. Every time I hear that song I like it a bit more, so I’m probably being needlessly unkind, but god it’s irritating being made to feel useless AND old. One at a time I can handle, but…

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