Are You A Geek? Author Tim Collins says I’m not

I just took this ‘are you a geek’ test and scored ‘not very geeky’, which is as non-geeky as you can get. The thing is, while I’d take no pride in being labelled a geek, I’m self-aware enough to know I’m more geeky than any of my friends (other than those I sort of know through blogging; and isn’t knowing someone through their blog geeky?). I keep three blogs after all, including a Museum of Spam (that’s gotta be geeky!). Moreover, I’m often employed to translate geek into English ordinary people understand

But more than all of that, I reckon I must be a geek because when I completed the test it said, ‘You are visitor number 00000001’ at the bottom and I felt ever so slightly thrilled.

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