‘Aren’t you going to spank your naughty boy?’

The paperboy got it wrong yesterday and somehow substituted the Observer for the People yesterday. But hey! It’s good to keep in touch with the tabloids and I can’t not comment on Dr Pam’s picture casebook (sadly not online).

In ‘I WISH MY GIRL WOULD SPANK ME’, Phil (probably not his real name) explains; ‘Lately I’ve found I can only get turned on if I think of being spanked or whipped’. Just in case we don’t get it, actors recreate the scene. A short skirted blonde plays Phil’s girl. ‘ERE, WATCH IT!’, she says, when tries spanking her. ‘THIS LOOKS LIKE IT COULD HURT’, he says slapping a trainer against his hand, but she looks ever so blank in the dumb-blonde-style.

Anyway. Dr Pam says to take her on a shopping trip to an adult store and gently lead her in the direction of the smacking paddles, whips etc. I don’t think so. If he can’t bring himself to say, ‘Aren’t you going to spank your naughty boy?’ (or whatever), he’s hardly likely to be able to summon the courage to take her into a sex shop.
Winding-up the Observer

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