Armando Iannucci nails Barack Obama

Armando Iannucci is a comic genius who often disappoints when he tries to get serious, but his Barack Obama satire instinctively feels spot on.

Obama’s oratory offers hope, but for what we do not know. And while it’s difficult to tell the Democratic candidates apart, Obama tends that comes out as slightly less progressive; universal healthcare just for kids, for example. We end on issues of personality and Obama likes to play dirty; Hilary tearful at the thought of opportunity lost, is attacked with ‘we didn’t see her cry over Katrina’. Not so clever given that Obama’s best chance to get in the White House may be on a dream ticket as Hilary’s Vice President and he can easily wait eight years or more to take another shot.

Should Obama win the presidency there’s a chance that, a bit like Gordon Brown, he’ll look and feel invincible… for a few weeks. In common with Gordon Brown, we need to see and hear him standing up on issues of substance and showing leadership on issues that aren’t immediately popular. The battle hardened Hilary looks far more able to deliver.

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