‘An armed society is a polite society.’ Not

A new law in the Sunshine State authorizes nervous or frightened residents to use deadly forceI shall be holidaying stateside shortly but fortunately not Florida, where the Shoot First Law apparently, ‘authorizes nervous or frightened residents to use deadly force’. I spotted these ads in British newspapers in the summer, but never got around to checking them out.

Apparently, if a Florida resident feels physically threatened they may shoot you, even if they had other, less drastic, options open to them. So the travel advice is to be very, very polite to the locals when holidaying in Florida. Generally that won’t be a problem as we Brits are ever so well-mannered.

But what brought all this to mind is evidence that the gun-toter’s mantra – ‘An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.’ – may not be right. The New Scientist reports that motorists with guns in their cars are more likely to indulge their road rage. No doubt these tips will prove useful to those planning a trip to the land of the free.

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