As organic milk goes sour: time to prioritise food issues

While I gave up meat in disgust at modern farming methods, I’ve always seen organic food as something of a con. The Food Standards Agency has dismissed claims organic milk is better, yet still demand is such that, along with organic beef, it is to be imported at great cost and with no regard for the environmental harm additional food miles will cause.

Animal welfare, fair trade and even health issues are set aside in favour of organic. The likely benefits of genetic modification are irrationally dismissed as Frankenfood. In California, where some have also abandoned pasteurisation, organic milk is at the centre of a health scare; in Manchester’s Printworks, Lloyds No1 offers organic milk in latte not made with fair-trade coffee.

Organic is rapidly becoming a serious and unhealthy diversion from the food issues that matter and a barrier to more sustainable and ethical food production.

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