Astrobingo READER OFFER: online bingo with astrology

Astrobingo have withdrawn from this reader offer. Why not play Bingo with Vernons?
Bingo is particularly popular with celebrities in one of the UK’s trendiest cities, Brighton, where the Bingo halls claim visits from Sara Cox, Robbie Williams, Yasmin Le Bon and Bono. As if that wasn’t enough, bingo keeps older minds going and the Bingo Association claims that, ‘although classified by law as a game of chance [bingo] has been used… to teach vocabulary, mathematics, geography and so on.’

So there’s something for everyone, which is why it’s good to be able to bring you a new reader offer in association with Astrobingo where, with a resident astrologer regularly appearing in the chat rooms, there’s no excuse to lose.

My earliest recollection of bingo surrounds the great bingo wars of the 1980s, for which ex-Daily Star editor-in-chief Derek Jameson was nominated greatest editor of them all, even though the war really came down to a battle of the great proprietors: Maxwell of the Mirror and Murdoch of the Sun. One day my grandmother thought she’d won £50,000 (enough for a large house in London at the time) and I got to ring the claim line. ‘23 has not been called,’ were the words that ended that little bit of excitement. Now the bingo wars are online.
Play bingo with Vernons!

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