Chris Grayling’s The Wire comparison takes on new meaning

When Tory shadow home secretary Chris Grayling claimed that parts of Britain looked like scenes from The Wire, many people rushed to condemn him (especially as he appeared to have not seen very much of the popular TV show). The Manchester Evening News’ David Ottewell reports he enters the Tory conference unrepentant.

For those unfamiliar, a key storyline includes politicians stealing from charities that they have themselves established. When caught they protest that they are the victims of a vicious hate campaign and that the accusations are politically motivated.

Chris Graying is a member of the Atlantic Bridge’s advisory board. It is most unlikely that he would ever steal from that organisation. He has no need to as it appears to have been established for the benefit of senior Conservatives such as himself.

We all know what The Wire’s Senator Clay Davis would say about that: ‘Shee-ee-ee-it!’ If only Clay had thought of making himself the beneficiary of his charities, he’d have saved himself some bother.
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