Atlantic Bridge: charity hosted William Hague book launch

It seems the closest the Atlantic Bridge has ever come to educating the public is hosting the launch of a book by William Hague in New York.

Officially an education and research scheme, or ‘think tank,’ hosting events like this is essential if the Atlantic Bridge is to retain its charitable status both here in the UK and in the USA.

Yet even here, the charity sails close to the wind. In the US persons, ‘in a position to exercise substantial influence over the affairs of the organization,’ may not benefit from its activities. Let’s hope that William Hague’s position on the Atlantic Bridge advisory board doesn’t upset the US Inland Revenue Service (IRS), too much. Or maybe it was the British taxpayer who subsidised this one.
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3 thoughts on “Atlantic Bridge: charity hosted William Hague book launch

  1. Amazing; an influential Tory being on the “advisory board” of a transatlantic charity, a charity, that for it’s own non-political ends, has to have senior Conservative figures as a “marker” so that people may understand where this “non-political” (necessarily, by law) “charity” gains its beliefs. Lets hope that they may “educate” more people with this “non-political” charity, abnd that they do not get scrutinized by any “standards” committee on such matters.
    I didn’t miss a “penny/cent” of the tax I paid to enable them to carry out their “non-political” “charitable” work.
    May have perhaps missed a few more pennies that have bailed out the banking/financial rackets they own though.
    The Atlantic Bridge, bless its cotton socks.
    Brian Moylan

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  3. Andrew Marr gave Hague a shamefully easy ride on this.

    One would have thought that setting up a fake ‘charity’ was a really creepy sort of offence.

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