Avril Lavigne songwriters paid by the word?

Avril LavigneYou have to have a small ego to (co-)write songs for Avril Lavigne, because you’ll struggle to find your name clearly credited. Having heard My Happy Ending many times now, I reckon Clif Magness and the Matrix might be paid by wordage. This would explain the excessive echo, which turns a passable pop song in the virgin angst style, into something most irritating…

…On such a breakable thread (breakable thread)/…/You were everything, everything that I wanted (that I wanted)/We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it (but we lost it)/…/You’ve got your dumb friends/I know what they say (they say)/They tell you I’m difficult/But so are they (so are they)/But they don’t know me/Do they even know you? (Even know you)/All the things you hide from me/All the shit that you do (shit that you do)/…/Etc.

I caught an Avril interview recently (Top of the Pops?) in which she made out that in the two years since Let Go she’s really grown-up and like all the stuff on Under My Skin is just sooo mature and like, mostly her own work. But then as long as the wrtiters get the royalties, I guess you may think that’s okay, but it’s a practice that only helps to put the writing profession down.

Also: Katharine thinks she looks like a Nazi on this album cover.

Virgin angst music……Britney sinks to new low……Write songs like Pink

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