BandAid20: Good intentions… hell and all that

While the original is a classic, nobody remembers Band Aid II and lets hope we all manage to forget Band Aid 20. It’s just such a mess because nobody’s bothered to work out which lines would best suit each artist and somebody’s tried too hard to be different at the mixing desk, while rushing it at the same time.

I was in two minds over the Bono Vs Hawkins of the Darkness pseudo-debacle. Yeah, Bono gives it some continuity, but then it’s supposed to be a contemporary version. But then again, aren’t the Darkness last year’s novelty act anyway and should we have comedy acts on the record at all? In the end it went to Bono. Hawkins was after Sting’s lines too, but that requires a degree of singing talent, so they gave half of it to the far more able Sugababes and let Hawkins share the other half with Fran Healey of Travis.

Anyway. Remember good intentions pave the path to hell. Instead of buying Band Aid 20, give directly and generously to Oxfam’s Sudan appeal and save yourself some pain.

A flash of Darkness

One thought on “BandAid20: Good intentions… hell and all that

  1. I’ve not listened to the new version yet. But .. even though it’s pathetic and stupid, at least it’s for charity. In general, that seems to happen so rarely with singers nowadays (apart from the known few), so I feel it needs to be encouraged, no matter how bad the end result is.

    Rather interesting though that a line-up with many somewhat talented people can produce something crap. I always wonder at that, makes me all suspicious and constpiracy-theoryist (about what, I don’t know).

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