Barbakan takes to Tesco… or is it Esso?

Barbakan shops at TescoStopping off for a loaf from Barbakan, it was good to see that what may be the UK’s best baker has come to terms with living opposite a Tesco Express, despite working so hard to keep the nations’ biggest grocer out of Chorlton.

The idea that this small garage forecourt store would make Chorlton less interesting was always very silly. We already have larger branches of The Co-op, Somerfield (shortly to become another Co-op), Cool Trader, Quality Save and, of course, Morrison’s. It’s hard to imagine anyone with a taste for good quality bread giving up on Barbakan because Tesco have Warburton’s on offer across the road.

‘Ahhh! But,’ some eagle-eyed readers may point out. ‘Barbakan are only buying fuel.’

Perhaps, but fuel from Esso who, say Greenpeace, have ‘done more than any other company to stop the world from tackling climate change.’ Surely that’s a greater evil.

3 thoughts on “Barbakan takes to Tesco… or is it Esso?

  1. If you don’t like bland homogeneous guff, then don’t shop in such a place. Take your point on Esso. I am surprised Barbakan don’t have vans that run on windpower…

  2. Barbakan are not luddites or green warriors by any means. Victor told lots of customers 1.4.8 that Barbakan were selling up to Tesco! Ho ho ho.

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