Barbie goes her own way with adult couture range

Barbie – going all ‘independent woman’Ken – keeping plans for the future close to his chestLittle has been made of the announcement, made through their manufacturer Mattel, that Barbie and Ken are to ‘spend some time apart’. The Financial Times reports that the relationship has been under strain following falling Barbie sales (down six per cent this quarter and five per cent previous quarter, which included Christmas). No mention of Ken’s sales figures.

Barbie is reconciling herself with a new wardrobe (apparently common behaviour for recently separated women), a children’s perfume and most interestingly a range of adult Barbie Couture.

I think Barbie Couture could really take off. I was in a bookshop recently and witnessed some obviously new parents cooing over Mog the Forgetful Cat, which clearly had childhood memories flooding back. And that’s typical of the young children’s market; adults buy stuff not for their kids but for their own nostalgia.

Anyway. Barbie Couture could be just the thing to capitalise on that, with women finally given the opportunity to come some way to meeting the vision of womanhood Mattel offered them as kiddies. And remember how little boys like to look up Barbie’s skirt? Well no doubt that tradition will be carried into adulthood too.

On the other hand, it may go down like a turd on a plate.

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