Barrow-in-Furness not a ‘s**t hole’… honest!

‘…if you send one of those relatively green temporary managers to stay in a Travelodge in a strange town for weeks on end, he may spend his spare time doing daft things.’
North West Evening Mail

The North West Evening Mail is gloating after running blogger Steve Beall out of town. Twenty-year-old Beall was ‘daft’ enough to tell readers of his MySpace blog: ‘Well then what is there to say about Barrow in Furness apart from its a s**t hole!! How the hell people live there i never no. Its very rough give me Newcastle any day and staying in a travel lodge by yourself for over a week is very boring! The 1st day i was there the little s**ts put my shop window through stealing over a grands worth of stock!! I ve had a few shop lifters which i m not used to. I m tired, stressed and need to drink so i m off now!!’

In the words of Catharine Tate’s Derek: ‘How dare he! How very, dare he! How very, very dare he!’

Vagabond: ‘Obviously to thick to be a Manager of anything… Hope he gets the sack for insulting our town.’The London media has condemned his, ‘childishly-misspelt “blog”’, but it fell to hardnosed local investigative reporters filled with righteous anger to confront Beall outside his shop and brand him ‘TOFFEE NOSED’. Vagabond, a regular commentator on the paper’s message board who uses the gravatar on the left, spoke for many when he said: ‘Obviously to [sic] thick to be a Manager [sic] of anything… Hope he gets the sack for insulting our town.’

Protestors descended on the shop, only to be met by police and discover that Steve Beall was, ‘lying low at his hotel from where he was retrieved and sent packing’.

Poor old Thornton’s has been forced to hand out free chocolate.

Steve Beall has clearly learnt his lesson telling reporters: ‘I have changed my mind about Barrow now. It’s not as bad as I thought it was… I promise I’ll put a nicer post on MySpace.’
UPDATE: The North West Evening Mail belatedly deleted articles from its website.

2 thoughts on “Barrow-in-Furness not a ‘s**t hole’… honest!

  1. Recently a pizzeria in Belfast sued the Irish Times and won £25,000 because of an honest appraisal criticising the food and service. Are the good people of Barrow going to do the same to Thorntons?

    I stress that allegedly aplies to all adjectives except the one describing the people of Barrow

  2. I think the power of the internet can be quite scary, but no one should get run out of a town simply for expressing their feelings, its called freedom of speach.

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