Beth Ditto on Keira Knightley

Beth Ditto and Keira Knightley

‘The way I feel about Keira Knightley is that even if she has an eating disorder, it’s good for people to hear her say something like that [Ditto has an amazing body], because people listen to her. If she is anorexic, if she is sick, then she knows. And it’s sad…’
Beth Ditto on Keira Knightley

Beth Ditto’s responding to something Keira Knightley said seven months ago and that shows how hard she’s finding it to cling on to her fame. The Gossip’s number seven hit, Standing In The Way Of Control, had ‘one hit wonder’ written all over it, while the second single peaked at 39 in June. That was despite plenty of help from the likes of Radio 1 and XFM.

Beth Ditto aspires to be a big fat diva… she’s half way there! Ha ha!

But seriously. Obesity kills 30,000 people in England every year, while in 2005-6 620 anorexics were hospitalised. So if Keira Knightley really does think Beth Ditto has an amazing body it is sad indeed. It’s comments like this that promote the myth that it’s okay to be fat… because it’s normal.

Yet to be fat is normal. It’s normal to seek out and enjoy food and overeating can’t be treated with total abstinence like other addictions which makes fighting obesity all the harder.

Beth Ditto is an easy hero for the normal obese for whom an exaggerated risk of anorexia is a kind of comfort blanket under which they may eat themselves to death, like geese whose livers are destined to make foie gras.

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