Big Brother: fit Bez proves the value

Celebrity Big Brother may have needed the excitement of a flutter to make it interesting and it may have had celebrities so unknown they didn’t know each other – Jeremy Edwards was in partly for his affair with Rachel Stevens, but Bez hadn’t heard and called her Rebecca; when they played the Happy Mondays Kenzie hadn’t heard of them – but Bez is proving that an appearance really can add value to a celebrity career after all. And it’s rather fitting that he should be the one to prove it as his Happy Mondays role was ‘vibes’; random almost dance moves to get stuff going.

Reaching well beyond a predictable Happy Mondays revival, Bez has been tipped to star in an Osbournes style TV show (I’m not sure he’s rich enough to be eccentric enough to pull this off) and perhaps more bizarrely a fitness video. But only perhaps more bizarrely, because a quick look at who stars in fitness videos shows that physical fitness isn’t really the qualifying factor. Take Abi Titmuss’ Tone and Tease (also available from Amazon Jersey); sure she’s fit in a lad’s mag way, but she’s no fitness trainer. Fitness is about lifestyle, innit? The celebrity you choose to take you through it says something about the kind if person you are and aspire to be. And so having a party animal like Bez as your video trainer, well that’s says you… well… it says you wish you were recovering from a decade or two’s heavy partying and drug-taking rather than the ordinary stuff you’ve really been up to. I guess.

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